Speech and language therapy for children in Swansea and Carmarthenshire

I’m Rhiannan Walton, a speech and language therapist with clinics in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire and Ealing, West London. I work with children under seven who have difficulties with:

We’ll work together to support your child

If we choose to work together, I’ll design a therapy programme made up of play sessions and games that motivate your child to communicate. You’ll come to regular therapy sessions and practise every day at home.

Review progress every session

At the beginning of the process we’ll set targets so that everyone knows what we’re working towards. We’ll review progress towards these targets every session.

Parents often ask me how many therapy sessions their child will need. It’s difficult to answer when we first meet because I don’t know how your child will respond to therapy. I’ll have more clarity after a month or two of sessions.

Feedback from parents

“My daughter’s speech problem was specific to one sound, but it was so entrenched it’s hard to believe that 6 sessions was all that was needed to rectify the problem. Although the sessions were intensive, Hannah always enjoyed the time spent with Rhiannan and looked forward to the next session. This is partly due to Rhiannan’s great rapport with children and also because she makes it fun with lots of games and art activities. Rhiannan has endless patience and I would highly recommend her.” Mary, mother of Hannah

“Rhiannan understood our concerns and provided well-structured and carefully planned sessions which were tailored to our son’s age and language level. She was simply great with our son, patient and understanding, considering that he was easily distracted! She always somehow managed to get him re-engaged and interested in what she was doing. Rhiannan was always supportive and happy to provide advice on the telephone and answer any of our queries. Over time, our son’s speech and language improved dramatically. Today he has the appropriate use of speech and language for his age. The work Rhiannan has done has been invaluable. Her energy, patience and professionalism provided us and our son with the necessary tools and support to speak. As a family, we would definitely recommend Rhiannan to anyone looking for speech and language therapy for their child.” Mr & Mrs V.

Prices and location

These prices are for sessions at my clinic in Llanelli. Read my terms and conditions (PDF file).

Session Description Price
Therapy session (50 minutes) Includes time for activities with the child and discussion with you. £60
Assessment (1–hour session plus report) Includes assessment with the child, discussion and feedback with you, and a report. £140

About me

portrait of Rhiannan
Rhiannan Walton

I’m an independent speech and language therapist. I’ve found that therapy is most effective when I work together with parents to build on their child’s strengths. I enjoy finding out what motivates each child and watching their progress.

Experience and qualifications

Contact me

If you’re considering speech therapy for your child, get in touch and we’ll arrange a phone call to discuss what you need. To contact me:

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